Saturday, February 28, 2009

Penpal Postcard

"Yunnori - a joyful game. This game played from New Year's day till lunar full moon day, the fifteenth day of the First Moon was played by everybody, regardless of age and gender" .
Thanks to my friend, Yong . :D


SL said...

Nice postcards of South Korea. I am trying to get another postcard sent from South Korea. Sue boleh tolong ka :)

Sue said...

Bole..nanti aku tanya dia ye

Cheema said...

Hello from Pakistan!
I want to swap a postcard with world UNESCO heritage site from your country. Can you send me one such card?
In return I can send you a nice postcard with beautiful landscape from Pakistan - which I think will be a great addition in your collection?

You can leave me a comment at

We can also make a blog link exchange if you are interested....

Best Regards
Yours Cheema