Monday, August 24, 2009


My thanks to Suriati who bought these beautiful Australian cards for me. Thank you so much .

This first card is a view of Sydney. I copied what is on the back card says.
'A tresure view of Sydney and the lovely harbourside suburb of Kirribilli, where the Prime Minister and the Governor General have their official residences.'

'Kangaroo with joey and koala (insert). Australia's two most popular and cuddy animals.'

Top left : Circular Quay
Top right : City skyline
Below : Opera House and the Harbour Bridge

' Sydney, Australia. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is instantly recognisable, spanning the harbour from north to south.'

'Bondi Beach - Sydney. An aerial view looking from Bondi Beach across the Eastern Suburbs to the city (background).

'Sydney, Australia. A myriad of neon colours of meet fresh sunrays of a new day at dawn.'

'Kaola-Australia. Hi from Down Under.'

' A wonderful view of Sydney, the harbour city.'

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